Do you feel unfairly treated by the NSSO? Were you given insufficient information? Were you the victim of a mistake? In short: if you are not satisfied with the NSSO, you can file a complaint. 


  • Using the online contact form — the fastest and easiest way.
    Use as subject: "Complaint concerning the NSSO”
  • By letter: NSSO/Complaints - Victor Hortaplein 11 - 1060 Brussels
  • By fax: 02/509.29.30


  • your name and address — anonymous complaints will not be treated by the NSSO
  • your enterprise number or NSSO number (if applicable)
  • the date
  • a clear description of the complaint
  • the name of the department you are complaining about (if applicable)

A complaint can be submitted up to one year after the incident.


Upon receipt of your complaint, we will send you an acknowledgement. We may ask you to provide us with additional information. When we have enough information, we will open an internal investigation and send a reply containing the reasons for our decision within 15 working days.

Complaints are systematically analysed and appropriate actions are taken to prevent similar complaints in the future.

Still no solution?

If our complaints department is unable to help you, you can always contact the Federal Ombudsman.
He is completely independent, is not part of the federal administration and will impartially examine your complaint free of charge.

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