The NSSO will be reopened to visitors on June 2 2020-05-27

Like all public services, since the beginning of the corona-related crisis the NSSO has been carrying out its tasks through teleworking. Only our reception has been ordered closed due to quarantine regulations. As of 2 June 2020, the reception is open again, though under conditions. You can still visit our provincial offices by appointment, as has been the case throughout.

Avoid visiting unless strictly necessary

Please try to avoid visiting us in the first place and phone us or send us an e-mail instead. We may be able to solve your problem without your having to come our central or provincial offices. This is not only safer, but may save you a lot of time as well.

Picking up or handing in a certificate or a document

Is it necessary to come over in order to receive or hand in a certificate or document? In that case, you can do so every workday (from 09.00 to 12.00 a.m.) without appointment.

As far as the provincial offices are concerned, you must fix an appointment if you wish to collect or deliver documents.

Discussing a file: making an appointment at the NSSO Inspectorate

Do you wish to obtain more details about a certificate? Would you like to discuss a file? Do you need a payment scheme? In short, do you wish to contact one of our experts in person? In all of these cases you can seek our advice after a telephone appointment.

Safety requirement

In order to ensure a safe situation for you and for our colleagues, we would like to ask you to :

  • maintain the appropriate distance
  • always wear a protective mask
  • come alone if possible. Will you be accompanied on your personal consultation? Please notify the NSSO colleague with whom you have an appointment, and do this in advance
  • come at the agreed hour in order to avoid queues
  • follow the instructions of our agents

We organize our reception areas in Brussels or in the provincial offices in such a way that good hygiene and sufficient distance are guaranteed.

Are you coming by car? In that case, please see to it that you put on your mask in time. Indeed, the exit of the parking garage leads to the railway building, where you are obliged to wear a mask.

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