Do you know Dimona Mobile? 2013-12-10

Since June, we have a mobile web version of Dimona, a system allowing employers to declare at the NOSS when employees enter into office or leave.

Why Dimona Mobile?

Dimona Mobile allows all employers to declare their employees by using a smartphone, which is of much interest in the agriculture, hotel and catering and horticulture industries. These industries often use daily contracts and have to do declarations literally on site. The application is in fact a better and modern alternative for existing mobile channels like SMS and vocal server which will eventually be replaced by Dimona Mobile. Mobile Dimona channels are used by more than 4000 employers and include 11000 declarations per month.

For a short presentation of Dimona Mobile, please look at the NSSO YouTube-channel:

Focus on end users

At the Agoria eGov-Awards 2013 Dimona was nominated in the category “User friendliness”. There is no coincidence in that: we paid much attention the employer’s experience in using this kind of application.

There are many ways to do so. By optimizing the stream of declaration, a minimum of clicking is needed to complete a declaration. All identification data concerning employers and employees are stored which allows to very quickly round up a new, similar and repetitive, declaration. A visual 6 stage process allows all users to check the status of declaration.

Safe application

Dimona Mobile is a secure application: only those properly identified can do a declaration. As the declarant’s identity is indisputably known, abuses can be monitored. Some real time verifications allow to send a warning to an employer whose declaration does not match the data given. In this way, mistakes can be fixed easily.

All mobile platforms

Together with Smals, our ICT-partner, we have opted for a web application based on html5, Javascript and Ajax, rather than an ‘app’ set for a specific platform. In this way, a longer lifetime and a better compatibility with actual and future types of smartphone are guaranteed. Users only need a browser and don’t  have to download or install any programme.

More information on the Social security portal

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